CVE Project Publications

Conference Papers

A Framework for Prototyping Collaborative Virtual Environments (CRIWG05)
This paper gives a general overview of the Unicron framework. Early versions of CVE were named Unicron.
Programming Language Support for Collaborative Virtual Environments (CASA05)
This paper describes language support for CVE's, mainly 3D graphics
Remembrances of Things Past: Using Maps and Routes to Navigate through Virtual Environment Experiences (HICSS06)
This paper describes a design of navigational aids for education CVEs.
Adding High Level VoIP Facilities to the Unicon Language (ITNG06)
This paper describes the voice communication facilities that were added as part of broader multiplatform audio support.
Integrating Collaborative Program Development and Debugging within a Virtual Environment (CRIWG 08)
This paper describes the collaborative IDE that is built-in to our virtual environment.
Using Non-Player Characters as Tutors in Virtual Environments (ReLIVE08)
This paper describes a design for computer-controlled tutorial instructors in our virtual environment.
SCI: Towards a Collaborative Integrated Development Environment (WSCE09)
This paper introduces social networking features into our hybrid IDE+VE
PNQ: Portable Non-Player Characters with Quests (CW2010)
Details the architecture, models, and formats for multi-platform NPCs.
Building a Collaborative Virtual Environment: a Programming Language Codesign Approach (CW2011)
Description of the interactions between CVE and the Unicon language as the projects evolved together.

Technical Reports

Jafar Al Gharaibeh's Ph.D. Dissertation, 08/2012
on language support for virtual environments
Hani Bani Salameh's Ph.D. Dissertation, 08/2011
on social networks in collaborative virtual environments
Hani Bani Salameh's M.S. report, 11/2006
multi-lingual IDE
Shyam Bukka's M.S. report, 2/2006
virtual tables and chairs
Rashmi Ramagiri's M.S. report, 2/2006
Moodle interoperability for our CVE
Ziad Al Sharif's M.S. thesis, 7/2005
Voice Over IP support
Jayanthan Elumalai's M.S. report, 7/05
remote site connection sharing
Yo Sep Kim's M.S. report, 7/05
Wynn Winkler's M.S. report, 12/04
basis for multi-user network communication of avatar behavior

Auxiliary Documentation

Project Source Code Formatting Guidelines
With Professor Griswold's blessing, I will be producing a revised version of this document for Unicon-related coding.